Welcome! I’m Stephen Pearson, the owner and founder of Low Carb Alpha.

Since the beginning of 2015, I have had a keen interest in the ketogenic diet.

I created this website in 2016 to share my experience and information with low carb and keto nutrition and to share quick and easy to make low carb, keto, and paleo recipes.

I’m passionate about creating delicious, keto-friendly meals and reducing the number of carbs we eat daily.

On my keto journey, I have learned how following a high-fat low carb lifestyle can contribute to overall better health, well-being, and weight loss.

I strive to learn more about low carb nutrition every day.

I’m delighted you found my website and am happy to share my recipes with you.

I write all the blog posts here, and my family assists with making recipes and photography, my kids love it in particular.

The most rewarding part of blogging is the satisfaction of helping others.

I am grateful to reach many people every day and spread the benefits of living a low carb ketogenic lifestyle.